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David Scherer, Founder

Founded TDS Construction in 1987 for the sole purpose of providing construction services to the retail industry throughout the United States. Mr. David Scherer served as the President of TDS Construction for 27 years before his untimely passing in early 2015.

Although TDS Construction had experienced growth over those 27 years, David’s commitment to the company’s retail clientele never wavered. David grew TDS Construction from its first year in 1987, completing 18 projects in 10 states, to completing over 3,380 projects in 46 states and Puerto Rico during his time. Now equipped with a staff of over 65, many with 15+ years of experience with TDS Construction, he instilled in his employees a passion for providing a superior level of service. From developing our unique team structure, to continually looking for ways to maintain TDS Construction’s leading presence in tenant improvement construction, his sense of motivation for the continued growth and success of TDS Construction is still present.

Beyond his work at TDS Construction, David was an avid donor and participant to many local charities. Boasting Meals on Wheels Plus of Manatee as his “pet” charity (13 time Golden Fork Sponsor), TDS Construction also sponsors many children’s sports teams, as well as also supporting many other local area charities including but not limited to: Manatee Children Services, PACE Center for Girls, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast, Boys & Girls Club, Coastal Conservation Association, and the Coast Guard Foundation. This is a true reflection of his character, and TDS Construction is honored to continue these sponsorships in his memory.  

Left behind in his wake is a legacy of dedication, integrity, and enthusiasm. His wife and daughter, along with all of his long standing Project Managers and staff, have and will continue to honor him by continuing to provide the same level of service and commitment that he had become known for.

Terri Scherer, Co-Founder and President

Co-Founded TDS Construction in 1987 with Mr. David Scherer, and since that time she has played an integral role in shaping the structure and growth of the company. During the last 33 years, she has been an equal partner in every strategic business, construction and management decision, helping to shape the company into the force it is today.

Though having filled many roles since the company’s inception, Terri’s current scope of duties include managing the accounting department and office staff, as well as overseeing all bonding, banking, insurance, overhead and vendor management practices. She is also responsible for oversight of the CEO, CFO and HR Manager. 

From its humble beginnings as a small, family owned construction company 33 years ago, to the large scale national retail construction company it has become today, Terri is immensely dedicated to continuing to provide the exceptional level of service TDS Construction is known for, while upholding the tight-knit family atmosphere that helps maintain such a devoted staff.

Christina Scherer Bock, Chief Executive Officer

Christi, a graduate of Stetson University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, began her journey with TDS Construction as a Project Manager Assistant. She then took on the role of Operations and Marketing Manager. Christi earned her Florida Building Contractor’s License in 2014, and now acts as TDS Construction’s qualifier in Florida as well as 13 other states.

Before earning her title of Chief Executive Officer, Christi trained in each position within the company, allowing her to gain insight into the inner workings of TDS Construction. She currently oversees the Vice President of Construction and Vice President of Project Development, as well as the internal management team. She works daily with the VP of Construction to manage and collaborate with the Project Managers regarding client relations, bid submissions, subcontractor relations, contract completion and closeout. She is also responsible for licensing, client marketing, office management and strategic planning.

Growing up with TDS Construction gives Christi the unique ability to foresee potential situations that could impact the company or the client negatively, and the skills necessary to prevent those situations. Outside of TDS Construction, Christi recently joined the Board of Directors of Meals on Wheels Plus of Manatee. Christi is committed to continuing and improving upon the positive business practices and philanthropic ideals that are the legacy of David Scherer.

Chris Paynter, Vice President of Construction

Chris Paynter has been a Project Manager for TDS Construction for over 10 years, and has over 30 years experience in all areas of the construction industry. From starting in the field as an Electrician, Chris was promoted to the position of Vice President of Construction in 2020. 

Chris's current duties as Vice President of Construction includes overseeing and collaborating with all Project Managers at TDS Construction in a supervisory role, reviewing all bid submissions, advising superintendent assignments, and contract and bid executions. He also troubleshoots all construction and subcontractor issues, should the need arise.

Not only is Chris committed to making sure TDS Construction builds stores on time and under budget, he is also passionate about providing a superior level of quality and communication in all aspects of his position. 

Bob Baker, Vice President of Project Development

Having over 50 years experience in all areas of the construction industry, Bob was previously a Project Manager for TDS Construction for over 23 years. Bob also concurrently served as the Vice President of Construction for over 21 years before taking on the role of Vice President of Project Development. 

Bob's current duties in the position of Vice President of Project Development includes Pro Forma budgeting for our clients, analyzing constructability, value engineering, and determining hard costs. He oversees bidding and building of these projects, assuring an on-time, under budget completion. He is also responsible for marketing and client relations. 

Bob continues to mentor the Vice President of Construction and Project Managers. He has proven time and time again that his loyalty to TDS Construction is unwavering.

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