What We Do

Providing construction knowledge, guidance, and leadership throughout the entire process

  • PRECONSTRUCTION SERVICES: We strive to help our clients from the planning stage to ensure all possible items are covered and explored, even before the project is awarded to a General Contractor.
  • GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: We procure competitive bids, hire subcontractors, purchase materials, coordinate construction, through completion and closeout.
  • CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: We manage the entire construction process from the beginning, acting as the owner’s agent and assisting through the entire process.
  • DESIGN/BUILD: With this unique option, we are involved from project inception, working together with the design team to minimize schedule and cost impacts for a successful venture.

Preconstruction Services


Site Due Diligence

Asses the site for any potential issues that could impact design / cost.


Preliminary Budgeting

Develop a budget for the entire project based on past projects and historical value.


Schedule Development

Develop realistic project schedule to set a Grand Opening date. 


Building Department Submittal

Submit for permitting and communicate with the municipality and design professionals. 

General Construction


Minimize Costs
Develop Schedule
Site Visit / Inspection
Document Review
Building Department Submittal
Proforma / Budgetary Pricing
Bidding Process
Qualify / Award of Subcontracts


Coordinate / Negotiate Vendors
Finalize Schedules
Review Design Criteria
Establish Buying Discounts
Review Drawings  
Coordinate Construction
Site Visits / Quality control
Track / Submit Changes

Post Construction

Establish / Complete Punch Lists
Obtain Final Inspections
Obtain Certificate of Occupancy
Summarize Project Costs
Finalize Change Orders
Close Out Documentation

Construction Management

Acting as the owner's agent, we're here to manage the construction process from the time of concept and design, offering insight and advice to constructability and costing during the design phase. From negotiating with subcontractors, scheduling vendors, construction and closeout, we help manage the entire process.


Design / Build

With this unique option, we provide our clients with a partner that takes ownership of the entire construction process from the beginning. Being involved in the design process enables us to work together with the design professionals to foresee constructability issues and minimize cost impacts, to establish a fixed cost earlier. Engaging subcontractors and material suppliers earlier in the process enables negotiations and schedule reductions for a guaranteed on-time or ahead-of-time delivery. 


Site Due Diligence

Conduct site visit with architect, engineers, material suppliers and major trades.


Architecture & Engineering

We hire the architecture firm and work together to minimize cost and maximize efficiency. 



Drawings are submitted to the municipality earlier in the process to accomodate an expedited schedule. 



We oversee the construction process in order to ensure a quality project. 



Project completion on time and under budget, every time. 



We facilitate the closeout to ensure it is done in a timely manner and that all required documents are received. 

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